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Boosted Boards

Carry Anywhere. Go Everywhere.


Popular Mechanics

Easy to Learn

Adjustable Power

Change from standard to expert mode to control the speed and torque limit to fit your riding style and skill level.

Wireless Handheld Control

Accelerate or apply the brakes easily with a Bluetooth enabled thumbwheel control so you can focus on the ride instead of pushing.

Intuitive Software

Experience unbelievably smooth power delivery thanks to onboard sensors and processors.

Regenerative Braking

Apply smooth speed reduction to come to a complete stop while regeneratively charging the batteries.

  • I just spent a few hours riding
    around my neighborhood and
    now that I have the hang of it,
    it is AWESOME!
    What an incredibly exhilarating experience.

    Garry Tan - First-time Boarder
  • Just opening the package I felt a sense of value
    and quality from the exterior of the box to
    the product itself. I find myself having to
    keep calm and regain composure as I
    indulge in my new toy like a young toddler would.

    Dragon - Kickstarter Backer
  • I have trouble putting it into words.
    The ride is beautiful.
    So. Much. Fun.
    Almost magical.
    I’m in love with my board.

    Charles M - Kickstarter Backer
  • Gives the same high
    as a Tesla,
    but at a fraction
    of the price.

    Beau S - Kickstarter Backer
  • You can get a lot of things for [the price] but you
    can’t get much that will take you 4-6 miles for almost
    no variable cost, no parking fees, no insurance etc….
    Decide where you spend your discretionary income.
    For me this is fun and transport.

    Sean R - Boosted Commuter
  • Forget about Segway,
    Boosted’s electric skateboard feels like
    an object from the future
    dropped into the present,
    more in the realm of Marty’s hoverboard.

    Tantek C - After demo ride
  • I’ve been riding it to work every day
    and then some.
    Riding it has been a blast
    & it gets soooo much attention.
    Thanks so much!

    Robert Muller - Alpha Tester


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