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Boosted Boards

The world's most advanced electric longboards.






  • Acceleration and breaking are fluid and natural even at the top speeds, this truly is the Tesla of last mile vehicles.

    Craig Cockerill - Boosted rider
  • Forget about Segway, Boosted’s electric skateboard feels like an object from the future dropped into the present, more in the realm of Marty’s hoverboard.

    Tantek C
  • This thing is a beast. I’ve yet to find a hill that I can’t climb at 20+ mph. It really feels like you’re flying.

    Kacy Knight. - Boosted rider
  • I can’t live without it now. I often volunteer to do my household members’ bidding just to have excuse to get out with the board.

    Lionel Li. - Boosted rider
  • If you used to love skateboarding and snowboarding but don’t have the time or the crew to go out with anymore this is the PERFECT fit.

    Stephen Musslin - Boosted rider
  • I have trouble putting it into words. The ride is beautiful. So. Much. Fun. Almost magical. I’m in love with my board.

    Charles M
  • The thing looks nice, feels nice, is fast, light, and safe. Great team of people that work there and you can really tell the quality of the board when you see it!

    Kyle Nishimura - Boosted rider







Easy to Learn

Adjustable Power

Change from standard to expert mode to control the speed and torque limit to fit your riding style and skill level.

Wireless Handheld Control

Accelerate or apply the brakes easily with a Bluetooth enabled thumbwheel control so you can focus on the ride instead of pushing.

Intuitive Software

Experience unbelievably smooth power delivery thanks to onboard sensors and processors.

Regenerative Braking

Apply smooth speed reduction to come to a complete stop while regeneratively charging the batteries.






















New Models Starting at $999

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