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Free your commute

Get around with incredible speed and ease on
the most powerful electric skateboard.

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Your whole city,
now within reach

With a range of up to 12 miles on a single charge, anywhere is just a short ride away. Zig zag through traffic, fly by public transit, and never wait for an Uber to arrive. With Boosted, you can forget endlessly circling the block for a parking spot, and that faraway lunch spot–getting there is a breeze. Do more, see more. Your city is waiting.

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Climb any hill.
Stop any time

Cruise over any terrain with Boosted board’s smooth braking and powerful electric motors. Accelerate with ease, reach pulse-pounding speeds, and climb steep hills like it’s a no brainer. Simply apply the brakes to maintain downhill momentum or abruptly stop mid descent. No sweat, no second thought.

  • 25% Grade Hill-Climbing

  • 22 mph Top Speed

  • Regenerative Braking

Light enough to carry anywhere,
powerful enough to go everywhere.

Power in your palm

From fast acceleration to quick braking, Boosted’s ergonomic remote puts all the control right in the palm of your hand. The high-performance, bluetooth-enabled remote acts as a safe, secure link between you and the board.

Downright durable

Boosted boards are built to withstand daily riding over rough, urban terrain. Every inch of the board is designed with vehicle-grade durability, getting you where you need to be with peace of mind. Tear up the streets and ride hard–your board can take it.

Powerful Lithium Battery

Powerful Lithium Battery

The World's best electric drivetrain

The World's best electric drivetrain

Custom Boosted Trucks

Custom Boosted Trucks

Bluetooth enabled remote

Bluetooth enabled remote

Flexible Bamboo Deck

Flexible Bamboo Deck

iPhone App

iPhone App

"And with a maximum range of 12 miles and top speed of up to 22 mph, it sure beats walking."

Editorial Staff | The Verge

"Riding the Boosted Board is laughably easy."

Josh Petri | Bloomberg

"It turns 15-minute walks into three-minute rides, which makes so many new places easily accessible. Most of all, it’s just fun."

David Pierce | Wired

"Whether you’re late for class or just want to feel the wind in your hair, Boosted Board’s electric ridable makes for a fun, comfortable ride."

Editorial Staff | Engadget

"Whether you are cruising the beach or commuting a couple of miles to work, the board can get you where you need to go."

Bryan Elliott | Entrepreneur

"The Boosted Board is the best electric skateboard on the market."

Josh Constine | TechCrunch

30-Day Guarantee

Ride hard and put the board to the test. If you don’t love your Boosted board, we’ll gladly take it back for a full refund.

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