Single Reservation Holders

Over the past month, we’ve been busy scaling up production and fulfilling orders. It’s been great seeing so many new riders join our community! If you’re new to riding, be sure to check out our riding tips and visit our Facebook page to connect with riders in your city. We can’t wait to see you out there.

Single Reservation Holders: US & Canada
We are also happy to announce that next week, we’ll send order confirmation emails to Single reservation holders in the US and Canada. As a reminder, we’re offering Single reservation holders the opportunity to apply their $200 Boosted promotional credit toward the purchase of a 2nd generation Dual or Dual+. This option will be available to you upon checkout.

If you’d prefer not to use your $200 credit towards your purchase, you may decline the option before you checkout. If you choose this route, we’ll email you the $200 promotional credit 30 days after you purchase your board. This credit can be used toward future purchases on

New Reservation Timeline: US & Canada
For new reservations placed today, your board will ship in 3-5 weeks.

International Reservation Holders
We are still on track to begin emailing reservation holders in Germany, France, and the UK in May and working on firming up our schedule for the rest of our international customers.  

-The Boosted Team


Over the past month, the entire Boosted team has been focused on scaling production and shipping boards. We’ve loved seeing photos and videos of new owners unboxing and riding their boards. Please keep it up, as customer updates fuel us to work harder. Now, a quick update on where we currently stand in the process.

North American Customers Who Paid in Full
As of today, we have contacted all North American Dual+ and Dual customers who had paid in full for a 2nd generation board. Thank you for sticking with us over the past few months. We really appreciate your vote of confidence and can’t wait to hear what you think about the 2nd gen board.

Reservation Holders
We’ve also hit another milestone. This week we will email the first group of North American reservation holders! Once you receive your order confirmation email, you have two weeks to confirm your payment details and shipping address. As a reminder, we ship boards in the order in which we receive final payment. We promise the wait is almost over – just in time for the spring riding season.

International Reservation Holders
We’re still on track to begin shipping to Germany, France, and the UK in May. We still hope to bring on more countries throughout the summer, but do not have an update to share just yet.

Battery Recycling
Product and rider safety is paramount to us. To all of the 2nd gen board owners who have recycled their batteries, thank you. To those owners who haven’t completed the process, we highly encourage you to do so now. We’ve cleared out the backlog, so once you recycle your battery and submit the Battery Replacement Form, we’ll send you a replacement pack almost immediately.

Once again, a big thanks to our community. We’re excited to get everyone riding again. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or comments. We’re eager to get your feedback and hear your stories.

-The Boosted Team


Extended Range Pack, Single, and International Update

As January 2017 comes to an end, we owe folks an updated timeline on the extended range pack, the Boosted Single, and international shipping. While our highest priority is, and will continue to be, shipping 2nd generation battery packs and boards, we took some time to reflect upon 2016 and some of the lessons we have learned since launch.

The number one lesson we learned is that we have to focus our product roadmap and prioritize products we know we can deliver to our satisfaction (and yours) within a realistic timeline. While we have devoted a significant amount of design and engineering time into both the Single and extended range pack, the two battery-related incidents and subsequent recall strained our resources and pushed the development timeline for these products back significantly.

In addition, we learned that we need to allow for more QA time, not only on the design, but also on the testing and manufacturing side in order to uphold our stringent quality and safety standards. Many of you in our community rely upon our vehicles to get to work and school every day, so we cannot afford to sacrifice quality and reliability for speed of development. We have one of the world’s most talented electric vehicle teams, and we want to give them the time and focus required to deliver exceptional products.

As a result, we have decided to focus the majority of the team on supporting and ramping the 2nd generation Dual+ and Dual boards, so we can continue fulfilling orders and ensure everyone is able to ride as the weather improves. This change in focus has enabled us to accelerate the shipping schedule for North American customers who have paid for or reserved a Dual+ or Dual. We shipped out the first replacement batteries on January 18th and the first boards will ship this week, three full weeks ahead of schedule. We hope to continue on that trajectory and will provide updated shipping schedule soon.

Extended Range Battery
As soon as we stabilize production and service, the team will move on to validating, testing, and ramping the extended range pack, which we will begin shipping in Q4 2017.  If you purchased a board with an extended range battery, we will ship your board with a standard range battery at your scheduled shipping time and will send you an extended range battery pack when they are available.

Why does it take so long? It’s a good question, and one we have analyzed carefully. At the end of the day, it all comes down to safety and reliability. Early on in the design phase, we determined that we could not use the same cells for the standard range pack and extended range pack and still deliver the desired mix of performance, reliability, safety, weight, and range. Therefore, we started development with a completely new cell from a top-tier manufacturer. The rules and regulations around lithium batteries continue to improve, and we have decided to take the additional time to deliver a safe and reliable pack.

We certainly hope to improve upon this schedule, but in the spirit of transparency, Q4 is the best estimate we have at the moment.

Single Reservation Holders
In order to deliver the extended range battery pack on this timeline, we have made the difficult decision to stop work on the Single, effective immediately. That means we will not ship the Boosted Single. We know that a Boosted board is a significant investment for many of you, so for all Single reservation holders, we’d like to offer you the ability to apply the $200 Boosted credit toward upgrading to a Dual or Dual+. For more information on how this works please read more here.

International Customers
Finally, to our international community, we have not forgotten about you–we value you greatly as early adopters in your home countries.Shipping internationally is a relatively straight-forward operation. However, providing international customers with the same high-level customer support and service that our North American customers enjoy takes more time to think through and execute globally, but is critically important to us. So, starting in May, 2017, we will begin fulfilling orders from the UK, Germany, and France first. We will add more countries throughout the summer and will update you as we identify the next set.

The entire Boosted team thanks you for your patience and support. To those who wish to cancel, we understand, and we look forward to earning your support back again later. For all our customers, we hope you see this update as our commitment to delivering the best product possible with an unmatched level of not just fun and performance, but quality, reliability, and service.


Shipping & Return Policy Updates

Thanks to everyone who has recycled a 2nd gen battery pack! We’re making great progress on verifying Battery Pack Replacement Forms and getting new packs out the door.

Replacement Battery Pack Status
For 2nd gen owners who have not yet taken action, we strongly recommend you do so as soon as possible, even if you aren’t currently riding the board. We will begin allocating new battery packs to existing orders next week, so the sooner you recycle your battery the faster you will receive a new pack. If you are having trouble locating a recycling center near you, please call us toll-free at 844-395-0070 and we will help you out.

Boards Will Start Shipping Next Week
We are happy to announce that we are currently ahead of schedule and will begin shipping boards to customers who have already paid next week. If you paid on or before early October, we will reach out to you over the next two weeks to verify your shipping address. We will publish a revised schedule in a few weeks, once we reach a regular production cadence.

Update to 30-Day Return Policy
In light of our voluntary recall announcement, we have made a slight update to our return policy.

  • For 2nd gen owners who have already submitted a Battery Pack Replacement Form–thank you!– you will have 30 days from the date you receive your new pack to return your board for a full refund.
  • Current 2nd gen board owners who haven’t taken action to replace their batteries, you have 30 days from today to decide to keep or return your board.
  • If you decide to keep your board, but take no action in the next 30 days, you can still submit a Battery Pack Replacement Form and we’ll send you a new battery. However, your 30-day return window will not reset and you’ll no longer be able to return your board once you receive the new battery pack.
  • If you decide to keep your board, and fill out the Battery Pack Replacement Form within the next 30 days, your 30-day return window will restart once you receive your new replacement battery pack.

If you have any questions please reach out to us at


2nd Generation Standard Range Battery Pack Recall

First off, we’d like to thank you for your support and patience. We know we say it in almost every post, but we mean it. We are lucky to have such a committed community and getting everyone riding is incredibly important to us. The following post is pretty dense because we’d like to provide as much clarity as possible to everyone in our ordering process.

As previously reported, we received notification from two customers that their lithium ion battery packs produced smoke while installed on their 2nd generation Dual+ boards. Neither customer reported any flame, fire, bodily injury, or property damage. Our investigation concluded that the incidents were caused by a short-circuit in the battery electronics, not from venting or other issues with the lithium battery cells. The short-circuit was caused by water entering the pack during riding due to quality control issues in two areas of the manufacturing process.

New Battery Packs for all 2nd Generation Board Owners
Out of an abundance of caution, we made the decision to stop shipping and report these two incidents to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada. As a result, we are currently working with both agencies on a voluntary recall of all 2nd generation standard range battery packs. For all 2nd generation board owners, we will replace your current pack with the updated version at no cost to you. We will start shipping replacement batteries immediately.

You will need to:

  1. Recycle your battery pack at a local recycling center. Please go to for detailed instructions on how to start the process.
  2. Once you have submitted the online Battery Pack Replacement form, and we have verified the information, we will send you an email indicating an expected ship date for your replacement battery pack. We will ship battery packs based on the date we verify your submission, so the sooner you complete the process, the sooner we will ship your replacement battery pack.
  3. If your board is at Boosted HQ for service, you don’t need to take any action. We will replace your battery pack with a new one and ship the board back to you when it’s ready. Look for an email from us in the next couple of days for a status update.
  4. If you have sold your 2nd generation board, please let us know by filling out this change of ownership form.

Update on Water Resistance
In our original design process, we tested the entire board, including the battery pack, motor control, and drive units for water resistance in two ways. First, we put thousands of testing miles on our prototype boards in a variety of road conditions. Second, we had an independent lab test the board and its key components against the widely accepted IPX5 (ingress protection) standards for water resistance. This standard is specifically intended to test against the spray-and-splash conditions that may be encountered with this type of product. At the time, we had concluded this was the right combination of tests to verify the board could be operated in wet conditions without damaging the subsystems.

As part of our investigation into the battery, we implemented a stricter and more comprehensive set of tests that better simulate the toughest real-world riding conditions. This new set of tests helped us verify that the improvements we’ve made to the battery pack materials and manufacturing process will better prevent water ingress into the pack.

However, when subjecting the board to this more rigorous set of tests, we discovered that after prolonged and repeated exposure to water, the board’s subsystems can be compromised in a way that affects rider safety, and that the IP standard for water resistance is not a sufficient test in these conditions. As a result, we are no longer marketing the 2nd generation board as water resistant and strongly recommend against riding in water or wet environments.

This will be a disappointment to many riders who were looking forward to riding a water-resistant board, especially after their orders were delayed. We’d like nothing more than to deliver what we promised, but we need to keep rider safety first and be honest about our product’s performance. We’re sorry and we’ll do better.

Our 1st generation riders have been enjoying their boards for millions of miles without water resistance, and we’re confident that our 2nd generation riders will too. For anyone who wishes to return their board or cancel their reservation for any reason, we will of course honor our money-back guarantee and offer a full refund.

$200 Credit at
For everyone who keeps their board past the 30-day return window, we will offer a $200 credit toward future purchases at This is a small way of saying thank you to all the riders who continue to trust and support us despite the delay in shipping and change in water resistance. Riders can use this for service kits, accessories, and other products to keep their boards in great shape for years and thousands of miles to come.

Read details here.

Updated Shipping Schedule for all Dual+ and Dual customers in North America
Now on to brighter news. We have an updated shipping schedule for many of you.

Customers Who Paid in Full, Awaiting Shipment
For those of you who paid for a board but have not yet received it, we will begin shipping Dual+ on February 20th and Dual on March 20th, after we have had time to replace a majority of current battery packs out in the field. We will ship boards in the order in which we received final payment.

If you cancelled your order and received a refund, you will have until January 27th to replace your order and keep your spot in the queue. We will send you a separate email shortly with instructions on how to reorder your board.

Existing Reservations
We will begin shipping out boards for new orders on March 27th. We will send out order confirmation emails a few weeks before your board is ready to ship, starting the week of March 6th.

For a detailed schedule for all groups mentioned above, please visit our Support Page.

International, Single, and Extended Range Pack
We will have an update for you by the end of January. Given the current situation, we have had to focus on requalifying the manufacturing process for battery production, which has impacted the rest of the product roadmap.

We are humbled by the support and good wishes that we have received from our community during a tough past couple of months. We hope you know that more than anything, we’re committed to delivering a board that meets your high expectations of Boosted. Thank you for supporting us and giving us the chance to do so.