International Shipping Update

UK, France and Germany – Get Ready
Next week, we will send the first batch of final payment emails to Dual+ reservation holders in the UK, France, and Germany! You have two weeks to complete your order, otherwise, in fairness to those behind you in the queue, we will cancel your reservation and refund your $100 deposit.  

We send final payment emails by reservation date and ship boards by final payment date. After we email Dual+ reservation holders we will move onto Dual and then Single. As a reminder, Single reservation holders will have the opportunity to use the $200 Boosted credit to upgrade to a Dual or Dual+ board. Confused? Not to worry. Just remember, the early bird gets the worm (does that translate?) so be on the lookout for your email.

We are also happy to announce that we are currently offering free shipping for international customers (outside of North America). It’s our way of thanking our international community for your continued enthusiasm and patience.

International Schedule – Emails Coming through the Summer
We will not publish a schedule for order confirmation emails, as timing depends on conversion rates across many countries.  However, thanks to the tireless efforts of our Operations and Logistics teams, we have been able to accelerate timing for the rest of our European reservation holders and provide a date range for our friends in Australia and New Zealand. Rough timeline below:

May: UK, Germany, and France
June: The Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Poland, Italy, and Spain
July: Switzerland, Norway
August/September: Australia and New Zealand

International Pricing
We have also worked to reduce the Duty and VAT as much as possible. Duty is assessed on the total purchase price of the board. VAT (Value Added Tax) is assessed on the total purchase price plus Duty. For example, in the UK, Duty is 2.7% and VAT is 20%. Therefore, the total due for a Dual+ with extended range battery in the UK is calculated as follows:

Dual+ with extended range battery: $1,599
Duty: $43.17 ($1,599 x 2.7%)
Reservation Deposit: -$100
Subtotal: $1,542.17 ($1,599 + $43.17 – $100)
Shipping: FREE
Taxes: $308.43 ($1,542.17 x 20%)
Total Due: $1,850.62 ($1,542.17 + 308.45)

You can find the current rates for all countries here.

We are excited to get you all riding as soon as possible. Please share your photos and stories with us as we add to our growing community of riders.

-The Boosted Team

No Reservation Required

Starting today, customers in the US and Canada can order a 2nd generation Dual or Dual+ with a standard range battery without needing to place a reservation first. Better yet, new orders ship in 2-4 weeks! For those who really want the extra range, you now have the opportunity to reserve an extended range battery pack for free. Your reservation means you can purchase the extended range pack for $199 (a $399 value) once they become available, starting in Q4 2017. This offer is available for a limited time, so lock it in now.

International Shipping Update
International customers can still reserve a 2nd generation Dual or Dual+ with a standard range battery for only $100. As we mentioned in our previous blog post, all new reservations still qualify for the extended 1-year warranty. You also have the same option to reserve an extended range pack for $199 (50% off) as mentioned above.

New Countries Added
We are excited to announce that customers in the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Sweden will begin to receive order confirmation emails in late July/early August. We will add Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Italy, and Spain in the next wave, followed by Australia and New Zealand.

Get Stoked to Ride
Over the next two weeks, we’ll share four new videos featuring some of the things that make riding a Boosted board such a blast. The first we’re calling, “Chasing Green Lights” because we all know there’s no better feeling than charging through a series of perfectly timed lights. Stay tuned to watch these new videos as they “unlock” every couple of days. Enjoy!

-The Boosted Team

Our Reservation Campaign is Ending

Our reservation campaign is coming to a close in North America!

What does that mean? It means that starting Thursday, April 27, customers in the US and Canada will no longer need to place a reservation before purchasing a board. You may order a Dual or Dual+ with a standard range battery and it will ship in 2-4 weeks. All orders come with our 6-month warranty and the option to reserve an extended range pack for $199 (50% off). The extended range pack is free to reserve – we’ll collect payment once it’s ready to ship, beginning Q4 of 2017. Read details on eligibility here.

It also means that your opportunity to reserve an extended range board and receive a free standard range battery pack ends on Thursday. This is also the final opportunity to qualify for a free 1-year extended warranty with the reservation of either a standard or an extended range board. This offer is valid for all reservations placed through 8:59am on Thursday, April 27. Be sure to reserve yours before it ends!

International Reservations

Customers in Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, can still reserve a Dual or Dual+ with a standard range battery for only $100. All reservations still qualify for the extended 1-year warranty and the option to reserve an extended range pack for $199 (50% off).

Customers in the UK, Germany, and France will begin to receive order confirmation emails in May. We’re excited to get our international customers riding!

-The Boosted Team

Single Reservation Holders

Over the past month, we’ve been busy scaling up production and fulfilling orders. It’s been great seeing so many new riders join our community! If you’re new to riding, be sure to check out our riding tips and visit our Facebook page to connect with riders in your city. We can’t wait to see you out there.

Single Reservation Holders: US & Canada

We are also happy to announce that next week, we’ll send order confirmation emails to Single reservation holders in the US and Canada. As a reminder, we’re offering Single reservation holders the opportunity to apply their $200 Boosted promotional credit toward the purchase of a 2nd generation Dual or Dual+. This option will be available to you upon checkout.

If you’d prefer not to use your $200 credit towards your purchase, you may decline the option before you checkout. If you choose this route, we’ll email you the $200 promotional credit 30 days after you purchase your board. This credit can be used toward future purchases on

New Reservation Timeline: US & Canada

For new reservations placed today, your board will ship in 3-5 weeks.

International Reservation Holders

We are still on track to begin emailing reservation holders in Germany, France, and the UK in May and working on firming up our schedule for the rest of our international customers.  

-The Boosted Team


Over the past month, the entire Boosted team has been focused on scaling production and shipping boards. We’ve loved seeing photos and videos of new owners unboxing and riding their boards. Please keep it up, as customer updates fuel us to work harder. Now, a quick update on where we currently stand in the process.

North American Customers Who Paid in Full

As of today, we have contacted all North American Dual+ and Dual customers who had paid in full for a 2nd generation board. Thank you for sticking with us over the past few months. We really appreciate your vote of confidence and can’t wait to hear what you think about the 2nd gen board.

Reservation Holders

We’ve also hit another milestone. This week we will email the first group of North American reservation holders! Once you receive your order confirmation email, you have two weeks to confirm your payment details and shipping address. As a reminder, we ship boards in the order in which we receive final payment. We promise the wait is almost over – just in time for the spring riding season.

International Reservation Holders

We’re still on track to begin shipping to Germany, France, and the UK in May. We still hope to bring on more countries throughout the summer, but do not have an update to share just yet.

Battery Recycling

Product and rider safety is paramount to us. To all of the 2nd gen board owners who have recycled their batteries, thank you. To those owners who haven’t completed the process, we highly encourage you to do so now. We’ve cleared out the backlog, so once you recycle your battery and submit the Battery Replacement Form, we’ll send you a replacement pack almost immediately.

Once again, a big thanks to our community. We’re excited to get everyone riding again. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or comments. We’re eager to get your feedback and hear your stories.

-The Boosted Team