Important 1st Gen Service Update

Starting in June, we will no longer be able to support service repairs for 1st generation Dual, Dual+ and Single boards. 1st gen boards were shipped through August 2016 and have a serial number starting with SS100.

1st gen user-replaceable parts and accessories are still currently available for sale on our site. For questions on board to accessory compatibility, you can reference this chart.

We will continue to support 2nd generation board service and warranty repair.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Stoke team.


-The Boosted Team

Power at Every Turn

The first time you see someone on a Boosted board flying uphill, passing pedestrians and cyclists like they’re standing still, is pretty unforgettable. When you see another rider, racing downhill and then stopping on a dime, you realize something special is at work. Boosted boards have an incredible amount of power –  both to accelerate and to brake – and offer an exceptional level of control. It takes a concert of industry-leading motor control electronics, high power density batteries, and precise wireless connectivity to make this happen. And at the core of it all is Boosted’s brushless motor belt drive system.

The Breakdown: Hub Motors vs. Belt Drives

In the electric skateboard world, two main motor architectures are most common: hub motors and belt drives. Hub motors replace the center of a wheel with a motor. Belt drives utilize an externally mounted motor with a belt and gear-like pulleys to create a gear reduction on the motor before transferring power to the wheels. Our engineers spent countless hours analyzing the advantages and tradeoffs of both systems and built and tested prototypes along the way. In the end, the team made a conscious choice to utilize a belt drive, as that system is crucial to enabling the incredible power and clean ride feel our riders have come to love.

The Math Behind the Torque (But in a Fun Way)

When designing a high-powered electric drivetrain, there are two main things we are trying to do: maximize torque and minimize heat. Torque is a measure of how much twisting force something can produce. What we ultimately care about is how much torque is exhibited on the skateboard’s wheels, as this translates directly into how fast a rider can accelerate and brake. Twist the wheel harder forward, accelerate faster. Twist the wheel harder backwards, slow down faster. In short:

Wheel torque = ability to accelerate and brake

With a hub motor, the torque a motor produces is the same as the torque on the wheel since the motor is just part of the wheel. Or:

Hub Motor: Wheel torque = motor torque = ability to accelerate and brake

With a belt drive system, the belt and pulleys amplify the motor’s torque so the wheels produce multiple times the torque produced by the motor. Boosted boards use a gear reduction of over 3X so we get 3X the ability to accelerate and brake. Or:

Belt Drive: Wheel torque = 3X motor torque = 3X ability to accelerate and brake

On top of that, Boosted boards use a dual motor drive system, so you get another 2X the torque compared to that of a single motor.

Why Bigger Motors Are Not Always Better

Ok, so why not just use 3X bigger hub motor then and skip the belt drive system? We could, but then you’d have to carry 3X the motor weight. Motors are already one of the heaviest components in the system; it is far more efficient to add a belt drive than to triple the motor mass. When you’re looking for high torque at the lightest weight, belt drive systems are truly best in class.

Keeping our Cool (or the Importance of Heat Dissipation)

As motors produce more torque they produce a lot more heat. Too much heat leads to overheating failure. We have found that belt drives are much more efficient at dissipating heat than hub motor systems. Hub motors are surrounded by wheel rubber, which acts like a blanket and traps heat in the motor. In contrast, the Boosted belt drive system has multiple cooling surfaces all around the motor including the motor cap, the motor mounting plate, the truck hanger, and the outside of the motor itself. Even the belt helps carry heat away from the motor. Our riders keep their boards for years. Keeping the motors cool and efficient is key to the boards’ longevity.

Buttery Smooth Ride Feel

Belt drives have another major advantage: ride feel. Boosted boards are known for their buttery smooth ride and exceptional carving ability. The flexible deck on our longboards is a big contributor, but just as important is the fact that we use an unadulterated (or pure) wheel. What does that mean? Well, it’s important to know that wheel core geometry and selective placement of urethane rubber have major impacts on a wheel’s ability to grip and how smoothly it rides. Hub motors displace both the wheel core and a large portion of the wheels’ urethane rubber leaving only a thin band of rubber surrounding the wheel. That leads to a jarring ride and a wheel that tends to skip across the pavement more easily during a carve. With the belt drive system, we don’t have to compromise our wheel design to accommodate a motor. Instead our wheels feature an H-core geometry that helps support a nice, thick layer of urethane that acts as a shock absorber between you and the road.

Of course hub motors have their advantages too. Hub motors hide in a wheel and create a nice, clean aesthetic. They also turn more freely when the motor is off. We think it’s a great choice for those reasons.

Ten years ago, no one would have believed that electric skateboards would be a viable means of transportation for tens of thousands of people around the world. But now in nearly every major city commuters are trading their cars, bikes, and bus passes for a ride that is efficient, reliable, and fun, but can handle the rigors of daily use. At Boosted, we’re proud to offer a vehicle that’s light enough for practical use with exceptional power and braking capability. At its very core is Boosted’s belt drive system.

Marques Brownlee: Boosted Mini – the Tesla Model 3 of Electric Skateboards

In his first look at the new Boosted Mini, Marques Brownlee draws comparisons between Boosted and Tesla

Casey Neistat Crashed Our Website: Boosted Mini S Feature

Casey Neistat just released his first look at the Boosted Mini S. Within 30 minutes, more than 110,000 people tuned in, and so many hopped over to the Boosted website that they crashed our server! Not to worry, we were back up and running in no time.

Here’s a recap of Casey’s first look:

Right off the bat Casey lets his viewers know that nothing has changed the way he thrives in New York City more than his Boosted board. Boosted’s longboard, Casey says, is like a Cadillac—with it you own the streets. But when travelling or doing anything but ride, it can be a bit unruly. He offers a side-by-side comparison of the Boosted V2, a standard street skateboard, and the Boosted Mini to give viewers a sense of just how much more portable the Mini is than its predecessor.

Casey notes that the all the power of earlier Boosted boards is still there in the mini, but that the ride feel is something altogether new. (Note: after watching Casey give the Mini a whirl in his studio, Marques Brownlee couldn’t wait to hop on and feel for himself.) Out in the streets, Casey immediately makes use of the Mini’s kicktail, riding off a sidewalk and into the road with ease. He provides viewers with a top-down POV that alternates between V2 and the Mini to show just how compact the new deck’s profile is: Where the V2 extends far past both Casey’s front and back feet, the Mini perfectly fits Casey’s shoulder-width stance.

Back in his studio Casey gives viewers a breakdown of the shocking price of Mini S—only $749! He couldn’t believe it when he first found out.

We’re so excited Casey is stoked on everything the Mini has to offer. As he says, “There are electric skateboards, and then there are Boosted boards.”

Casey says he’ll be back soon with a comprehensive review of the Mini. For now check out his first look video and stay tuned for more!

The Next Generation of Boosted

Since co-founding Boosted in May 2012, the company has been on a thrilling journey to bring our vision for electric longboarding and last mile transportation to the world. Just in 2017 alone, we expanded from 2 to 34 countries, including the entire EU block, Australia, and New Zealand. Worldwide, our riders have logged over 10 million miles and counting. Yet the company still feels small. We’re a tight-knit group that cares deeply about changing transportation and bringing people joy, and that motivates me personally every day.


The Next Generation
Today, I am excited to announce four new additions to the Boosted family. We’re refreshing our longboard line with two beautiful new models – Boosted Plus and Boosted Stealth. Boosted Plus builds on the heritage of our 2nd gen Dual+ but is truly rebuilt from the ground up. Boosted Stealth raises the bar and sets a new standard for performance and speed. And, for the first time ever, Boosted is releasing two new short boards with full kicktails – Boosted Mini S and Boosted Mini X. These boards have been optimized for portability and maneuverability and are just super fun to ride. With Boosted Mini S at just $749, we hope to make Boosted quality and performance accessible to more people than ever before.


Custom Built from the Ground Up
Many of our riders log over 1,500 miles a year with speeds in excess of 20mph. Over several years that adds up to an incredible amount of abuse. Traditional skateboard components just aren’t designed to take that kind of beating, so we’ve taken the design of all major components including decks, wheels, and trucks fully in house to ensure vehicle-grade performance and reliability across the line.


All-New Composite Decks
To build this next generation of decks, we partnered with experts in the snowboarding world – a great analog to electric skateboarding as boards are subjected to high speeds over rough and varied conditions. By adopting custom techniques, we’re able to be precise about which materials we select and how best to leverage their unique characteristics. For example, poplar, the core material for all of our new decks, is less dense than bamboo, and offers similar flexibility and energy return. This helps provide that springy, lively feel we’re known for, while saving weight.

In our Super Flex longboard deck, the poplar core is flanked by high-density foam, further reducing weight while improving damping and vibration absorption. The deck retains the familiar flex, but with noticeably improved vibration damping for increased stability, control, and comfort. We’ve also widened the deck and straightened its sides, giving riders more turning leverage, making it super easy to lay into a deep carve from anywhere on the deck. I love the freedom to put my feet wherever I want.

Impact-resistant polymer surrounds the entire perimeter of all our new decks, blocking moisture intrusion and allowing them to withstand bigger impacts, which is especially important on the tip and tail. Finally, the whole package is capped top and bottom with fiberglass. Selective layering and weave direction allows us to tune the stiffness and strength along the entire length of the deck. The resulting ride feel is more refined, but every bit as flexible and fun.


Custom Boosted Wheels
We’re really excited to pair our new decks with custom Boosted wheels. We logged a ton of time designing and testing wheels with different materials, sizes, and geometries, searching for the right combination of grip, flex, and rebound. To strike this balance, the new wheels exhibit a balanced flex profile. They’re a little softer on the outside, which helps with damping and rolling over bumps, but they’re firm enough to hold on during a carve. The H-Core provides consistent support across the center section of the wheel, enhancing grip and promoting an even wear pattern for longevity and control. During ride testing we meticulously measured the sliding friction to optimize for grip and control at high speeds and we think we nailed it.

Our wheels now come in two sizes – Stratus 85s and Lunar 80s. On our longboards we increased the wheel diameter from 80mm to 85mm to make it easier to roll over bumps for a super comfortable ride over long distances. The increase in diameter is really noticeable. Boosted Mini comes stock with 80mm wheels – giant for a such a small deck – made possible by the deck’s unique 3D dish shape which allows for plenty of clearance. Roll on.


Precision Machined Trucks
The kicktail on the Boosted Mini is designed to make the board super maneuverable, but it also opens up a whole new level of abuse for the trucks. We took that as an opportunity to redesign the trucks to increase strength and durability. We started by adding more material in key areas to strengthen the trucks where they are under the most stress. In addition, the trucks will now be precision machined instead of cast, which results in a stronger final product and allows us to use much stronger aluminum alloys. Our new trucks are almost twice as strong as the previous generation – a massive improvement on such a critical part of the board. While the new design was motivated by Boosted Mini, Boosted Stealth and Plus feature the new trucks too.


Now for the boards! I won’t go deep into specs here, but I’d love to spend a little bit of time telling you about why I am so excited about each one.

Boosted Plus
This board is a great choice for riders who want a super comfortable, dampened ride under a variety of road conditions. While it pays homage to the classic aesthetic of the 2nd gen board, everything about it, from the larger 85mm wheels to the new composite deck represents a huge leap forward in design and engineering. Boosted Plus also comes standard with our industry-leading extended range battery. It’s a real progression from its second generation namesake, the Dual+, and thanks to scale, we’re able to provide all of these enhancements while decreasing price.


Boosted Stealth
For those who settle for nothing less than the best, we’ve created Boosted Stealth. The black and grey appearance is a new look for Boosted – one that is slightly more refined and quietly reflects the board’s pure performance characteristics. Many riders in the Boosted Community have asked for an even faster, higher performance board, and this is it. I spent a lot of time riding prototypes with the team, fine-tuning the 5th mode so that it retains the smooth acceleration curve that is Boosted’s trademark, but with just the right amount of kick to make it an even more thrilling experience. Boosted Stealth is our new top-of-the line board, and is an absolute performance machine. Enjoy.


Boosted Mini
Boosted Mini is the board I am probably most excited about. Last year during a trip to New York I couldn’t stop thinking about designing something better suited for a super dense urban environment. I wanted something that was there when I needed it, but could just be tucked away when I didn’t. I also craved more maneuverability – something I could just turn in place. When I got home I immediately started designing a shorter board with maximum portability and maneuverability in mind. That board is now Boosted Mini.

Boosted Mini’s design inspiration comes from 80’s pool decks which were all about flow. At 29.5 inches long, Boosted Mini is about 8 inches shorter than our longboards, which makes a huge difference in terms of portability. It’s easy to carry at your side without bending your arm – a relaxed pose that’s not tiring. The wide kicktail allows riders to make sharp 90 degree turns and pivot on a dime. Of course both boards offer the same Boosted performance we’re known for, custom-tuned to a board of its size.

Best of all, the S-model is half the price of our 1st and 2nd generation boards. While we understand that $749 is still an investment for folks, it’s a steal for the quality, reliability, and performance found in this board. We hope this entry point will give many more people the opportunity to experience the quality and joy of Boosted. For riders with short, frequent trips in dense areas, Boosted Mini will be the product of choice. It’s playful, fun, and a great progression for the Boosted line.

I couldn’t be happier to get to announce these new products today. With Boosted Plus and Boosted Stealth, we’re further raising the bar for what an electric longboard can be. With Boosted Mini we’re taking a big new step towards our mission to bring fun, fast, simple transportation to everyone. I want to genuinely thank you for supporting us on this journey.  I hope these new products bring you as much joy as they have to us.



John Ulmen
Boosted Co-founder and CTO

Compare the New Boosted Boards

Meet the New Generation: Boosted Mini S, Boosted Mini X, Boosted Stealth, and Boosted Plus. We know it’s a lot to drop on you at once, so please review the chart below for a comparison on key specs.