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Sign up for accidental coverage with an extended warranty

What is it?

While the standard Boosted warranty covers your vehicle against any mechanical or electrical failures for a year, the Extended Protection Plan offers an extended warranty with accidental damage coverage for up to 3 years.

What does it cover?

Accidental damage from the get-go We’ll protect your vehicle from accidental damage from day one.

Water damage If you accidentally submerge your vehicle in a lake or the kids get creative with the hose, we’ve got you covered.

Power surge protection If you’re charging your vehicle and encounter a power surge, we’ll replace the necessary parts no problem.

Coverage covers up to the full cost of the vehicle. If the vehicle needs to be fully replaced as a result of damage, you will then have the option to purchase a new plan to cover the new vehicle.

How does it work?

$0 deductibles We offer full coverage so you don’t need to pay for deductibles.

Multiple claims Repairs are covered up to the full price of your vehicle.

Full repairs or replacements We won’t close your case until your vehicle is good to go again.

Frequently Asked Questions

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